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With the large number of spiritual paths facing the world of today, it is of special value to consider the life and insights of both Evangelists Larry and Andrea McGhee. They carried and tasted hell as things from their past taunted them and bondages rose against them.Confronted with divorce, possible incarceration, sexual promiscuity, drug addiction and a myriad of other challenges, both Evangelists had reached their lowest point, hit rock bottom, and were at what they thought was their lowest breaking point, but God was about to pour Himself mightily into the lives of two–to reach many.

It was then they experienced a unique and life-altering encounter with God. Evangelist Andrea heard the Word of the Lord say,Open and Evangelist Larry also received a Word ofHope. Together they birthed what is now the Open Hope Evangelism Ministry at New Season Christian Worship Center under the leadership of Senior Pastors Rev. Samuel and Eva Rodriguez. The two recently graduated from the Chaplaincy Academy from Rock of Roseville in 2014. They both graduated from Miracle Valley Bible College with an Associates Degree in 2008, that specialized in deliverance ministry. They have served in many outreach ministries as Los Angelas Dream Center, San Francisco Dream Center, Vaca Valley Chrisitan Life Center and Victory Outreach. They also spent 10 years in a deliverance ministry started by a Prophet to A.A. Allen, Bro and Apostle Paul Cunningham. They traveled and preached in different churches over the past 20 years bringing a message of hope and healing to the saved and unsaved.

They share their testimony across the region to give hope to those who are lost looking for direction, purpose, healing, and courage to keep on believing, trusting and not lose faith.Evangelist Larry says, passion to serve the lost and hurting goes beyond reciting the sinners prayer and walking away–we must be an extension of Christ.God has called us to be Open to the lost and hurting–with horizontal hands of Hope and the vertical Love of the cross.

Recently God has put in the hearts of Evangelists Larry and Andrea to one day return to their home towns of Fairfield and Vacaville and plant a church there.Using the model that Pastors Samuel and Eva Rodriguez has established. This is a strong desire and vision of this power couple to pursue when the season of serving under Pastors Sameul and Eva is complete. They have just recently enrolled in Berean School of the Bible in pursuit to obtain their ministerial credetials with Assemblies of God as they serve at New Season Cwc.

The perseverance, commitment and passion for Christ over the years have transformed their lives, and peoples lives from despair into hope, hatred into love and doubt into faith ordinary lives transformed into extraordinary liveschosen to seek and save the lost!

Here are a few of the men and women of God whos teaching and preaching have had major influence on Evgelists Larry and Andrea over the years that carved them into the man and woman of God they are today. Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, Rev. Eva Rodriguez, Rev. Al Ray, Rev. Phyllis Towles, Rev. Eddie Rentz, Rev. James K. Hart, Rev. Elicitia Hart, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Apostle Ron Carpentar, Rev. Sonny Arguinzoni, Rev. Ed Morales, Rev. Billy Graham, Bishop Michael Pitts the late A. A. Allen, the late Apostle Paul Cunningham and the late R.W. Schambauch.




Larry and Andrea McGhee Director of Evangelism
(916) 869-0523